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Who we are?
Who we are

Concord Medical institute is a network of health care professionals that facilitate and guide students on a pathway to becoming fully accredited physicians. Having gone through the process of a medical training and a career ourselves, we know the challenges that students undergo in the field. We are here to guide our students seeking a Medical or Dental degree through every step of the way.


1. Classes taught entirely in English.

2. Low cost & affordable courses when compared to American medical institutions

3. Recognition of our affiliated institutions by American Licensing boards & UK General Medical Council.

4. Advanced research opportunities available to our students in a variety of related fields.



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Six Year Medical Degree


Our six year medical program offers students the opportunity to study at a top rated European University. We take pride in seeing our students succeed and having quality health care from our graduates practicing all over the world.


Five Year Dental Degree


The newly renovated dental facilities give students the opportunity to study dentistry with some of the most advanced dental equipnment in the world. This coupled with its fantastic academic curriculum graduates only experienced and renowned dentists.


World recognition of our programs
World recognition of our programs

We currently have a number of graduates practicing medicine and dentistry all over the world. Most countries recognize accredited programs like ours, and allow graduates to practice within their borders based on an examination (i.e. USMLE).Because every country has different qualifications, it is important to check with us to see what is the best path to a medical career for you.