Mission Statement

The career of medicine is a prestigious one, full of challenges, great job satisfaction and endless rewards. However, with limited places available in the United States, competition increasing per annum and rising costs of programs; there lies a problem for many gifted students. Concord Medical Institute solves the problem.

University of Debrecen has designated Concord Medical Institute as the exclusive agency for admissions and more importantly, invited Concord Medical Institute into the faculty and family. Together we provide students the path to successful completion of their medical education and excellent scores on licensing examination(s). The ultimate goal is to have our graduates return to the United States or their country of choice as world class physicians.

To take advantage of the opportunity Concord Medical Institute presents, please complete an application form which is available on the home page. Due to the amount of applications we receive, we strongly advise you to submit your application as early as possible. Concord Medical Institute and the University of Debrecen wish everyone a prosperous future and good luck on all future endeavors.