Student Life in Europe
Student Life in Europe

At CMI, we guide students all throughout their medical education. We have made it a priority to know of the successes and struggles that our enrolled students face during their education. We love to hear direct student opinions on the university academics, facilites, local enviornment, and even our services, making it easier for us to give future students a hassle free education. If you would like to hear it directly from our currently enrolled students we will put you in contact.

Student Testimonials

"Ever since I could remember my life plan was to attend college, be accepted to medical school, and become a successful doctor. I never thought that plan would unveil itself in the heart of Europe. This new experience has taken me by storm. I love University of Debrecen and Debrecen. The new campus is beautiful and so is the contrasting old facility. The life in the city is quite extraordinary and I absolutely love public transportation! It really is an experience living here. My colleagues form a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds and I have had the opportunity to become familiar with not only the Czech culture but also the Indian, Middle Eastern, Greek, Portuguese, and several others. Everyday there is something new to learn (and not just in school). The staff at University of Debrecen is very advanced in their individual fields teaching us the latest developments in medicine.

Concord Medical Institute has provided a soft cushion landing and easy transfer for me to such a different world. They are there for me every step of the way, supporting and helping me in any way necessary. Also the MIMSA community is also here for any hardships that one may encounter and helpful advice.

Outside of my studies here, I haven't had a chance to get bored. The student and social life in Debrecen is booming, but not too crazy to become a distraction. There are great places to go out at night and during the day to just sit and have a coffee with friends, chat, or have an inexpensive meal. There are several historical attractions around and near the city, which are easily accessible. Other points of interest are many great sport facilities, movie theaters, performing arts theaters, shopping centers, and many others. Debrecen is in a great location close to many popular European cities, and with a student discount the travel is affordable and convenient. Also with Prague not too far away, it is a great place for a quick get away if needed.

I have also greatly enjoyed being near my family and rejuvenating my Czech language. But not knowing Czech is not a problem. Debrecen has a large student population and is mainly a student city. I wouldn’t trade studying here for anything in the world. "

- Veronika (currently enrolled)


"During my senior year of high school, I had already decided that medicine was the career path for me. I was a year away from graduating and was applying to start my pre-medical education in America. A family friend of mine told me that I should take a look into CMI if I was serious about pursuing a career in medicine. I checked out the website and filled out an application. Later that month an admissions advisor contacted me telling me I passed the preliminary requirements, and could be placed in a six year medical program in Debrecen, Hungary, pending an entrance exam. I reviewed the exam material for a few weeks, sat down to take the exam, and passed. I was told at this point that I had secured a seat to start the up coming semester. Weighing out the pros and cons, my family and I decided that the best path to pursue medicine was through the university's six year medical program, and even the most economical.

At this point in my career, I can honestly say I made the right choice. The campus is beautiful and technologically advanced, the student body is awesome, and the town is even one I find myself at quite often at to relieve the stress of academics. However, the program is not a walk in the park. It requires serious dedication/hard work, and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone not serious about going into medicine.

CMI has been helping me every step of the way. They do a fantastic job at keeping in contact with me, and guiding me through each obstical I have come across along the way."

- Anand (currently enrolled)








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